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Flight Centre - The Amazon of Flights and Holidays

Updated: Jun 24

Ever get the feeling you need to catch a flight and get away for a few days? I'm sure we've all been there. Thankfully enough, Flight Centre is on hand as the perfect go-to haven for flight and holiday fanatics.

Flights can be searched in their thousands, and the list of what you can find here is endless. You can book any flight from a short-haul flight to Paris to a voyage halfway across the planet to Dubai. The main flight page displays the potential flights you can catch, predominantly from London, and destinations include Miami, Dubai, Melbourne and Sydney. Flight classes can also be booked on this website, ranging from economy to the ever-delightful first class.

As well as flights, holidays can also be booked via Flight Centre. A wide list of holiday categories can be discovered on the website, such as Last-Minute Holidays, City Breaks, Group Tours and Couples Holidays. Each holiday category will display the best holidays on offer and their best prices. Certain holidays will require you to contact a Flight Centre specialist to get a quote on the price of your holiday, however, their generous customer service will give you confidence that your holiday will go smoothly.

These holidays and flights would not be complete without equipping yourself with Travel Insurance, and Flight Centre has just the thing for that. Their Travel Insurance policies ensure that you will be protected from any injury/illness costs as you travel abroad, including the notorious Coronavirus. As with the flights and holidays, the Flight Centre's travel consultants will be on hand to present the best policies for you.

In addition to providing an online service, Flight Centre Travel Agencies are also available to visit across the country. Each Agency has a handful of travel consultants who will always support you in tailoring your perfect holiday no matter the season.

Click Here to discover all flight and holiday options available to you and become the tailor to your own flight/holiday.


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