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The Travelling Foodie

It's all out there... just waiting to be savoured!


Hello and welcome to my food and travel writing blog, The Travelling Foodie! Here you will find my stories on the travels I go on and the food and drink that I savour. Happy reading!

About Me

Travelling Blogger

My name is Louie Amos and I am a keen lover of two things in life: travel and food. I can't stop thinking about them, and I have always done what I can to come up with so many plans on where to travel and what foods and beverages to try. 


I am in my early 20's and it was in my early teens when I discovered my passion for food and cooking, especially baking, which was what led me to achieve my qualifications at secondary school and the two years at college. 

So far in my career life, I've worked as a chef for a major hotel chain and a well-established restaurant in Bath. It was during these two jobs that I discovered my real passion for travel and food, and how I yearned to write about what I eat and where I travel. This was especially when I embarked on family holidays to destinations such as Jamaica, Cyprus and the USA.

As it is the beginning of my blogging journey, I am always learning new skills and techniques to create something perfect for the visitor to read. As much as you may be expecting more from this blog, this for me is the beginning. Please be patient, and you will be rewarded with more interesting stories to read.

So feel free to have a good look around my blog, and enjoy the stories that I post about my adventures and my restaurant/café visits as a Travelling Foodie. You can also email me at to suggest what you would like to see on my blog.

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