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24 Hours in... Bergen

So, you arrive at Bergen, via either a train at Bergen Central Stasjon (Station), or a flight that touches down at Bergen Lufthavn (Airport). It is located on Southwestern Norway's coast and is home to its picturesque viewpoints and artistic flair. It can also be described as a base camp should you wish to embark on a day's road trip through the Fjords. Bergen was also classed as the capital city of Norway until Oslo took this spot.

If you only have 24 hours to spend in Bergen (like I did), then allow me to share my guide with you on some of the best activities you can undergo and some of the memories you can collect from this former capital city.

Settling in

After arriving in Bergen, you will most probably want to check in to your accommodation. The CityBox Hotel is a perfect example of somewhere you can set yourself up for the night. Situated on the corner of Nygårdsgaten and Strømgaten, it is relatively close to the action that Bergen provides and getting yourself back won't be too much hard work.

A wide range of rooms is available, whether you are a solo traveller or looking to party the night away with a group of friends. You can book a junior suite for a more luxurious feel (and possibly to impress your other half) to get that more homely feel.

After dropping the bags off in your room, it is time to head out and explore Bergen more thoroughly.

The upwards view of Fløyen Mountain from outside the CityBox Hotel

Bergen's Bashing Early Evening Views

As the night-time sky begins to hover over Bergen, it would be unbearable to miss out on admiring the night-time views on offer. Why not begin with ascending the Fløyen Mountain using a Fløibanen (In other words, a Funicular Mountain Cable Car)? A couple of minutes of ascension will direct you to the highest stop on this route.

Step out of this cable car and low and behold, the whole of Bergen can be seen in front of your very eyes. All the street and Christmas lights will gleam up at you as you observe the city going about its business as it gets into the festive mood.

The view of Bergen from the height of Fløyen Mountain

And if that wasn't enough for you, why not check out another viewpoint towards the city's southeastern side? This viewpoint is about a 15-minute journey heading outwards from the City Centre and involves a slightly higher ascension up to the top of Ulriken Mountain.

Upon reaching the peak of Ulriken, you will be greeted by a café where you can relax and purchase either refreshments or coffee as you admire the view from the top of this mountain. Perfect for solo or group photos if visiting this attraction with friends.

Me admiring the view from the top of Ulriken Mountain

Dinner Before Drinks

The evening is now in full swing, and you will probably want to tuck into a hearty meal before heading out and partying the night away. The restaurant 'Thaitanic' is an establishment to consider if you wish to nosh on something before the big night out.

Even a simple Panaeng will act as the perfect fuel you will need before heading out, and the relaxing ambience of the restaurant will make you feel at home. You can also consume a drink that accompanies your dinner perfectly (I tried their mojito and aside from missing one or two elements, they still put a lot of effort into ensuring their service is at a high standard).

The Panaeng Thai Curry, one of the dishes at Thaitanic

Boozing on a Night out in Bergen

How about a trip to Bergen's Magic Ice Bar to kick off the night? After placing on a cloak provided by this bar, you will find yourself in an ice cave where everything is made of ice... Even the glasses!

For one hour, you will be supplied with two vouchers which are also included in the price (one for an Arctic Crowberry drink and another for a drink of your choice). You can then enjoy the ice cave and the seats that it provides (There is even a throne for those wishing for a photo opportunity). Music is also played in the background so you can party like a Yeti!

Sampling an Arctic Crowberry while surrounded by ice

As you emerge from this Ice Cave, the party isn't over, as you can attend any of Bergen's fine nightclubs. Each nightclub (Rick's for example), will have their entry fee as well as music genre/s which they will play until they close.

Rick's Nightclub, an example of Bergen's nightclubs

The Next Morning...

If you are not too hungover in the morning from your night out, you can sort yourself out with whatever breakfast option is available to you. This could either be included in your hotel deal or it could involve a short trip to a nearby café. After consuming your breakfast (and checking out of your hotel if you need to do this), you will probably want to find a way of exploring the Fjords seeing as Bergen is very close by.

Cruising Around the Fjords

There are cruises that take place daily, taking around three to three and a half hours. From the port of Bergen, you can cruise up the river to explore the fjords very close up so you can find out for yourself how high they are.

Briefly saying goodbye to Bergen as we visit the Fjords

As you reach the peak of the fjords, you'll find a quaint little village simply called Mo (just like the Simpsons character but without the 'e'). This village, lying on the Moelva River's mouth, is completely hidden thanks to the engulfing mountains. However, the waterfall located nearby defines why this village is visited daily.

The charming village of Mo, viewed from the cruise

After visiting this village, the boat will take you back down the Vestland River back down to Bergen. As you complete this cruise, you can sit in your seat, enjoy a beverage (and snack if you wish), and watch the view outside as you are welcomed back by Bergen.

Before You Go...

Your 24 hours in Bergen are ending, but that doesn't mean you can stop off at some of its shops and hunt for the perfect souvenir. Not just for yourself, but for family and friends who wouldn't mind owning a memento from this charming city. You could also grab a bite to eat before you embark on your onward journey to your next destination.

Satisfying my appetite with a chicken burger before leaving Bergen

As you depart Bergen, you can be sure to leave with a desire to return and take on further attractions and have another bash at a Bergen night out.

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