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7 Days in Marmaris Equals a True Turkish Delight

So, you have landed at Dalaman Airport and have been escorted by your assigned transfer to your hotel in Marmaris. The first question upon arriving and checking in is... What’s next? What activities do you do? Well, the below guide will answer those two burning questions going through your mind. What you choose to do however is entirely your own choice, especially when it comes to exploring the nightlife of this vibrant area.

Day 1: VIP Turkish Bath

You can expect to be treated as royalty with this Turkish Bath experience at Club Excelsior Hotel. Upon entering what looks like a dull back entrance, you will find yourself in a Spa fit for royalty. You will begin your experience with a brief Sauna session, then you will be treated to a full body scrub which will ease you into the relaxation of the massage you are receiving. If you're lucky, they may even 'crack' the case with your back and neck (no pun intended).

Foam is also a tool that is used to massage your body and remove life's stresses from your mind. An oil massage is then offered to you to further relax your body. You can then find yourself in zen as you lay down with a face mask to help replenish the skin on your face.

You can make use of the Spa Hotel's facilities as you prepare for and wind down from your Turkish Bath experience. Showers and towels are also provided for you to give you a fresh new feel and look.

The total price for this experience is £18, and this excludes an extra oil massage and drinks from the bar.

Day 2: Pirate Boat Trip

Ever wondered what it is like to sail the seven seas Turkish style? Well with the Pirate Boat experience, you can! Departing from the Marina of Marmaris, you will sail through the Mediterranean Sea to four stops, three of which are places where you can enjoy a leisurely swim in the pristine blue sea.

One of the four stops consists of a village called Turunç, where the boat will stop for a good hour. This will buy you some time to take in this village's enchanting culture and explore the shops and bars that it has on offer. Once this hour is complete, it's back onto the pirate boat and out towards the Mediterranean Sea once again.

Food will be provided for you as you voyage from the Marmaris Marina out toward open waters, and a free bar is also provided should you wish to sample a delicious cocktail while relaxing on one of the boat's sunbeds.

The cost of cruising on this Pirate Boat is about £11 and includes the food & non-alcoholic drinks, transportation from your hotel, and insurance. It's a pirate's life for you!

Highlights of the voyage on the Pirate boat

Day 3: Scuba Diving

Why not take a shot at exploring the Marmaris marine life? Take a transfer from your hotel to the İçmeler port area, where you will meet your PADI-certified scuba divers who are eager to show you their underwater world.

After completing a short theoretical class, you can get yourself equipped and venture downwards to a 3-metre depth for your first dive. An underwater cameraman will be waiting to take your picture as a massive school of fish swims by, begging for a chance to be in your pictures.

You can then enjoy a light lunch as you observe the landscape around you, and its meticulous beauty. As soon as lunchtime is over, a short cruise takes you to the next scuba-diving destination which consists of a deeper depth, around 7-8 metres. The marine life here screams at you to explore it, as well as the massive boulders masquerading as rocks.

A day's worth of Scuba-Diving will cost about £20 and will include your lunch, two diving sessions, and everlasting marine memories, pictures of which you can purchase at an extra fee.

Checking out the Marmaris marine life

Day 4: Jeep Safari

Explore the outer areas of Marmaris by taking a gripping jeep safari for the day. After being picked up from your hotel, you will be taken to your first stop, where you will be equipped with a water pistol to use on the offensive against others in other jeeps.

The banter continues when you are given a miniscule bag of paint to chuck up into the air and get soaked even further. Following on from this, you will board back onto your jeep to be taken to your second stop. This is a great place to grab a refreshment or two before heading out again to the next stop, consisting of a beach with views of the islands close by.

You will then be taken to a local restaurant for lunch, potential food items include succulent chicken skewers with no hint of dryness whatsoever. Upon consuming this exquisite meal, the jeep will then take you to the last stop, where you can find a majestic waterfall. You can also swim under this waterfall and take as many pictures as you wish before the jeep finally delivers you back safely to your hotel.

The cost for this jeep safari is about £12, a price which includes lunch, a guide for the day and full transportation via (you guessed it) a jeep.

One of the spectacular views spotted on the safari

Day 5: Atlantis Water Park

Marmaris is home to two main water parks, and Atlantis Water Park happens to be one of these two main parks. Once arriving, you can check yourself in, find a suitable sunbed, slap on your sun cream, and dump your stuff off ready to enjoy your aqua adventure.

Atlantis Water Park boasts an exciting wave pool, as well as a wide range of water slides including a bowl slide. You can also race your friends as you grab a sliding mat and race down to the bottom in the hope of emerging victorious. You also have the opportunity to feel what it's like to travel through a black hole with a friend!

A restaurant is also available on site should you fancy a bite to eat as your adventure comes to a conclusion, or if you need a break before your adventure's second half. Food items include a range of burgers, lunchtime items, and healthy salads. Drinks are also available and involve a range of alcoholic and soft drinks.

The total cost for this aqua experience is £12 and includes transportation and full insurance.

Day 6: Shopping Spree & Talk of the Town

At this stage in your holiday, you will probably feel knackered after five whole days of non-stop adventures and journeys in and around Marmaris. If that is the case, take an easy day and mooch around some of the shopping areas Marmaris has to offer.

The Grand Bazaar is the perfect example of a shopping quarter that you can visit and test out your haggling skills to get the best prices. As you stroll through this shopping quarter, you will become swallowed by the many shops both to your left and right. It may become De Ja Vu in that you may come across the same shops over and over, however rest assured you are still encountering different shops.

In the evening, why not check out Marmaris' Talk of the Town show? This show will provide you with some light-hearted entertainment with drag acts to satisfy your humorous side. Dinner and one local beverage will be included in the £25 you will need to pay for this excursion, as well as transportation.

Day 7: The Final Day

It looks like your time in Marmaris at this point is coming to an end. However, the last day doesn't have to be emotional... As once you check out, you can spend some time undertaking any water sport of your choice with Marmaris Water Sports.

An outdoor kiosk for Marmaris Water Sports can be located on the coastal path outside the Golden Rock Beach Hotel. This is also a good place to book any further activities should you decide to extend your stay in this wonderful Turkish Delight. The Water Sports you can book here include Fly Boarding, Parasailing and Jet-skiing, all of which can be purchased for a decent price.

There is a wide choice of water sports to choose from. Click Here to view the broad range on offer and choose whatever sport takes your fancy. My recommendation would be to try Jet Skiing for around £29, which will include a photographer and the chance to look just like the next James Bond.

Definitely not me being the next James Bond

Useful Tips

  • The prices for all activities described above are all in accordance with the prices on These may be subject to change at any time, and a careful eye on any price changes will be required should this be the case.

  • The Pirate Boat prices will depend on if you wish to add alcoholic drinks to the £11 advertised on the website - This will make the price £25 should you wish to do this.

  • Click Here to view all shopping choices available to you as you stay in Marmaris.

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