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Are Luggage Storage Companies a Reliable Solution for Travellers?

Doesn’t it feel tiring having to hump around a big suitcase with you as you try to explore the destination you’re in? The sound of the wheels whirring on the ground and the handle rattling from side to side as you drag it along is not the way to explore places. It creates more unnecessary work when all you want to do is enjoy your time without the hassle of extra luggage.

This is where luggage storage comes in, the perfect option for those who want to keep things hassle-free. Many destinations worldwide offer services where tourists can drop off their luggage and get on with their touring. Of course, tourists may consider just leaving their luggage at the hotel they have been staying in. However, they might not be so lucky if it turns out their hotel does not offer this service.

Many establishments, including independent ones, have negotiated with a Luggage Storage company. This has ensured that more options can be chosen when dropping off luggage for the day. You would have to visit the place you booked, confirm the number of pieces of luggage you are dropping off, and then receive instructions on how and when to pick it up.

Luggage storage has advantages, including not spending much money to drop your suitcase off for one day. A well-functioning app from the service you use will provide you with a QR code that you need to show before picking up your luggage. Your luggage can be dropped off for as long as necessary before picking it up again.

While you have the luxury of dropping off your suitcase, the disadvantages include having to make an extra journey to collect it again. This will add time to your trip, so it will be advisable to plan ahead if you plan on carrying a specific coach, train, or flight. In some cases, services may not promise that your luggage will be heavily secure at the establishment where you drop it off. There may also be inaccuracies regarding luggage storage websites displaying locations that no longer offer a service.

Nevertheless, you can claim compensation should you encounter any snags when dropping off your luggage. This could be due to either the location misplacing your bag or having to book another location because the original location does not work with the company offering this service.

There are a wide range of companies offering this service. The following are just five of the many popular luggage storage services with a decent reputation for helping many places look after luggage:

  • Radical Storage – A reliable luggage storage service with a set price of €5 per item per day, its primary aim is to reduce the weight of a traveller’s shoulders, whether this is for business or leisure.

  • City Spare Space – With drop-off options from £7 per item per day, it focuses on providing a storage service for travellers in the UK or the USA.

  • Luggage Hero – Their daily pricing of £4.50 per item makes it a no-brainer when you book luggage storage, not only in mini-marts but also in cafes and hotels.

  • Stasher – Slightly cheaper than Luggage Hero, pricing at £4.45 per item, it offers consumers the option to book knowing that free cancellations are available on unused bookings.

  • Bounce - £5 per item per day allows you to literally ‘Bounce’ around your location for the whole day before having to pick it up at the end of the day.

There will be those who understandably will be pretty hesitant about leaving their bags with a total stranger. This is especially true if travellers visit a destination for the first time. If personal experience is anything to go by, however, it is almost certain that the company you book with will be willing to consider refunding you for any snags before or after booking. They also offer decent insurance options for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.

With this willingness surging within these companies, it can be concluded that luggage storage companies are almost certainly reliable. So drop that luggage off, take the weight off of your shoulders, and explore the location you are in.

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