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Edinburgh’s New Year Celebrations – The Height of Hogmanay

It’s a few hours until midnight in Edinburgh, and I am strolling towards Princes Street to join in on Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations. The songs being played by the Pet Shop Boys can be heard nearby as I stroll alongside the gardens hosting this popular band.

I then find myself in a queue waiting to enter a Hogmanay event on Prince Street near Edinburgh Castle. The queue is very long, however it doesn’t take long to wind itself down until I am very close to the entrance. With my ticket accepted, I immediately find myself in a massive crowd filled with thousands of people filled with Hogmanay spirit.

I am given a wristband that glows a multitude of colours in time with the music that is being played throughout the whole night. There’s music and cheer in the air as people in the crowd are getting merry. Fireworks light the night sky above Edinburgh Castle, as the following slideshow displays:

I am surrounded by not just my friends, but people I am making friends with. That is, after all, the beauty of being in a large crowd, getting lost in the moment with people and finding out more about them.

As midnight approaches, I prepare my arms so they can be held up for a long time to welcome in 2023. The countdown then begins, and as the numbers count down from ten to one, I briefly remember the year 2022 has given me, from the times I travelled to the nights-in I had in my hometown.

The bells chime, and midnight is finally here. ‘Hello 2023’, I think to myself, ‘Here’s hoping you will be just as eventful as what 2022 was and more.’ I applaud along to the music being played and clap in admiration of the fireworks that continue to boom across the city.

As the celebrations then eventually draw to a close, I feel happy knowing that I got a real taste for the Height of Hogmanay – An event where I gave a Scottish farewell to 2022 and a truly Scottish welcome to 2023.

Hogmanay Tips

  • I visited the Street Party event on Prince Street, the prices of which start from £22.50 per person including fees. Other Edinburgh Hogmanay events include ‘Concert in the Gardens’, ‘Final Fling’ and ‘First Footing’. All events range in price and will take place from the 30th December to the 1st January 2023.

  • Taking your own drinks to the Street Party is permitted, however restrictions on this will apply (e.g. only alcohol up to a certain measurement will be accepted).

  • Click Here to read more about the events at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay event and book your next New Year party.

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