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Five of the Best Banquets of Bridgetown

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. Its population consists of generous townsfolk along with many restaurants and street food vendors. During my time staying in this bustling city, I encountered many restaurants and food experiences which have proven to be some of the best meals which have kept me well stocked up on food for a good amount of hours.

Below are five of these restaurants and experiences in and around the Bridgetown area, all of which Stick to their theme, whether this is either home comfort food or fine dining by the beach.

1 - Jake’s Barbados

The location of this lively little restaurant is convenient for the temporary residents staying in the opposite Coconut Court Hotel. Residents can also visit this restaurant either for a happy hour or for an evening meal which changes every season.

Jake’s Barbados on the other side of the Coconut Court Hotel

The cocktails are 2-4-1 all day long, so if you fancied a boozy breakfast or brunch then this would be the ideal restaurant to visit. The Boozy and Bubbly cocktail from the 2-4-1 menu is especially recommended, as it is commendably priced for those wishing to celebrate an event via an alcoholic beverage.

The food menu changes per season and has ranges of food items such as handheld (averaging at $37 BBD, or £14.50), chef plates (averaging at $59 BBD, or £23.24) and pasta & noodle dishes (averaging at $35 BBD, or £13.79). I sampled a Korean Lickup Chicken Burger with Asian Slaw, which was bursting with an Asian barbecue flavour thanks to the sauce that accompanied the burger itself.

The Korean Lickup Chicken Burger with Asian Slaw, chips and coleslaw

This restaurant will be ideal for if you fancy something simple after arriving in Bridgetown on holiday or if you wish to consume refreshing cocktails after a long day of exploration.

Click Here to visit the Jake's Barbados website and view their food & drink items.

2 - Tapas

For a more extravagant beachside dining experience in Bridgetown, Tapas is just one of the restaurants which will provide a proper traditional a-la-carte meal, particularly in the evening. The word Tapas of course means dishes that are served in small portions, and you can have as many or as few of these as possible.

this restaurant is located right next to the famous Richard Haynes Boardwalk, which makes for an extravagant stroll to the restaurant should you wish to catch a sunset view while strolling toward Tapas.

Tapas viewed from the famous Richard Haynes Boardwalk.

Both the food and drinks menus display an appetising range to satisfy the palette, and the pricing of these items is very reasonable indeed. For example, the fish section constitutes of food items averaging at $64 BBD, or £25.60 (The Fish Pot is highly recommended). A meat section is also available on the menu at an average of $61.20 BBD per item, or £24.48.

Taco shots, with tempura-battered shrimp wrapped in a soft tortilla and jalapeño sauce

Fish Pot (Caciucco), in a tomato, olive and caper sauce, served with toast

If you fancy a nice dinner after a day exploring Bridgetown, this is the restaurant to visit and consume a delicious meal.

Click Here to visit the Tapas website and view their food & drink items.

3 - The Sipping Room

The exterior of this restaurant will deceive you into thinking that it is just a normal house. However, after walking through the entrance, you will find yourself in a stylish cocktail bar selling some of the most trendy cocktails. Couches are available for you to relax while you examine the food menu where there is something for everyone.

The Sipping Room Restaurant and Bar, viewed from the H7 main road

While you enjoy either a cocktail, valued between $18-$30 BBD, or a glass of wine of your choosing, valued between $12-$22 BBD, you have the chance to observe the food menus they have on offer, which consists of a standard a-la-carte menu and a 'Bar Bites' menu (should you wish to enjoy a light meal while staying within the bar area). If ordering from the standard a-la-carte menu, a waiter/waitress will escort you to an outside area where you can enjoy your food at a very warm temperature.

A dish from the a-la-carte menu I would recommend sampling is the Jack Daniel's BBQ Pork Ribs, which as the menu describes is 'cooked to a tender fall-off-the-bone finish'. The description of these pork ribs proved to be very true indeed, especially after my first bite into the cooked pork. Other main courses are available at an average of $63.50 BBD, or £25.40, and starter options are also available at an average of $25.29 BBD, or £10.11.

Jack Daniels BBQ Pork Ribs, served with fries and a side salad

Sliders are also available at either $30 or $35 BBD, depending on what your appetite desires (£6-£7).

Click Here to visit The Sipping Room's website and view their food & drink items.

4 - Champers

Now here's a restaurant that, like Tapas, serves the finest of Barbadian cuisine. Right off the bend, when you visit the restaurant you will notice the charming exterior, which comes to life, particularly in the evening.

As you enter the building, you will be greeted by the staff working within the reception area who will be happy to assist with your every need. Arrive sometime before your reservation and you won't need to sit on a couch and wait; the art gallery on the first floor will be your entertainment as your stomach prepares for a delightful banquet.

Champer's restaurant, viewed at night time from the entrance

After you are seated, you will experience fine dining at its best in Barbados, where waiters will top up your glasses with water and fuel your appetite with some bread rolls and a wide range of oils and vinegar to choose from.

Champers is complete with a wide range of menus, including a lunch menu, the three-course dinner special menu and a menu to feed the kids that accompany their parents. As I was dining at Champers in the evening, this allowed me to sample the three-course dinner special menu, which totalled to $125 BBD, or £50. My exquisite dinner consisted of the following items:

  • For my starter - Lobster Tacos served with Guacamole & Sriracha Mayo and Pickled Mango.

  • For my main course - Sautéed Prawns in a Red Thai Curry & Coconut Sauce, served with Jasmine Rice & Vegetables.

  • For my dessert - Warm Bread Pudding With Bajan Rum and Orange Sauce served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The conclusion here is that Champers is perfect for a Barbadian date night should you wish to take in the charming sunset views as you enjoy a fish banquet (similar to Tapas, but with a slightly more charming atmosphere).

Click Here to visit the Champers website and view their food & drink items.

5 - Lickrish Food Tour

For a proper banquet in Bridgetown, Lick Rish Food Tours are on hand to educate you as well as feed you up to the max. The tour begins at Bridgetown's Independent Square where a history of the town and Barbados itself will be given to you so you can travel home having learned things you can share with friends and family.

A pile of tamarind stalks located next to a market stall

It then proceeds to visit various restaurants, market stalls, and street vendors who provide some of the best quality products for the Bridgetown locals. The tour allows you to taste some of the local produce such as a plum known as 'fat pork' (you will find out why this name has been given to that specific type of plum). A bakery known as Crumbz is also covered on this tour, where you can consume a warming meat roll.

Market stalls located on Swan Street

If you join this tour, you will also taste the island's traditional dish, macaroni pie. Think macaroni cheese but in pie form, which is a taste sensation on the tongue. You will also be able to sample a tenderly exquisite flying fish, served with a small side dish known as coocoo (slightly similar to a mashed potato but with more ingredients to it).

Portions of flying fish served with coocoo and rice & beans

Lick Rish Food Tours will cost you a total of $160 BBD per person, equivalent to £64 per person. I would also advise you not to have a hearty breakfast before embarking on this tour, as trust me you will be (as the slogan states) eating like a local.

Click Here to visit the Lick Rish website and book your ticket.

And there we have it. We have our five of the best banquets of Bridgetown, consisting of both restaurants and a food tour. There is of course something for everyone in terms of the food in Bridgetown, and whatever it is you consume in this enchanting city, it is guaranteed to be something to remember.

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