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From Oslo to Bergen - Norway’s Great Railway Bazaar

On a crisp Saturday morning at Oslo Station, the 8:25 train to Bergen stands at platform 3 waiting to depart with its passengers. The train has enough carriages to accommodate those who have booked seats/compartments expecting a relaxing journey to lay ahead of them.

As 8:25 approaches, the doors to all carriages close and the train slowly pulls out of Oslo Stasjon. The voyage along the Bergen Line is now underway and I observe Oslo as it passes by gracefully and I begin to leave this city dubbed Norway's capital.

After leaving the city, I am whisked off on an adventure through the cities and towns which lay en route to Voss Stasjon (the rest of the route is cut off due to rail works). To start with, I cruise through Sandvika, Asker and Drammen Stasjons, where more passengers board bound for Bergen. These towns, according to the journey itinerary, and for those wishing to board the train. The idea here is that I would need to get off from Hønefoss Stasjon onwards should I wish to back down from this journey... But why would I want to??

As the train hurtles on, I decide to check out the facilities available on this train, the main one of these being the onboard café. Here I am able to purchase liquid refreshments and food items that I can consume while watching the wonderful snowy-white world cruise by.

Upon returning to my seat, my eyes fall upon the gleaming white scenery of the trees, hilltops and mountains that bolden themselves for those who do not take this train route regularly, such as myself. Lakes and rivers also make themselves known, one of which I am certain is frozen. Frozen enough for ice skaters to perform their skating manoeuvres.

The gallery below displays the beauty of the Norwegian forests that the train journeyed through, and how much it looked like I was in a scene from Narnia:

The journey to Voss Stasjon is nearing its climax, and I am still looking out over the views of the wintery Norwegian countryside. As I admire the views of a mountain, a selection of tunnels decides to hide these views at 10-second intervals. These cheeky tunnels then disappear and reappear across these various intervals; however, I am able to still seize my moment and snap the gorgeousness that my eyes allow me to see.

As I arrive at Voss Stasjon, I gather my belongings and prepare to disembark the train. My body tingles in that it knows it is ready once again to face the breeze that fills the air at Voss. As I disembark, the chill is there, however it isn't as chilling as I think it is. Walking out from the station, a handful of replacement buses await our arrival and offer assistance with luggage where needed.

I board my replacement bus on the bus's right-hand side, at the very back of the bus. As luck would have it, this side brings me more of this adventure's most stunning views. The only flaw added to these views is that there is no wintery feel about them.

The rail replacement bus ploughs on through the many dull and dark tunnels that are laid out, and it isn't long until we begin to approach the Osterøy Bridge. The Bridge, erected in 1997, stands strong in the distance as we continue to journey towards it. This could be depicted as Southern Norway's shortened version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Passing the Osterøy Bridge, I begin to recognize how close I am getting to the city of Bergen. After a whole day's worth of training and bussing it all the way from Oslo, the ultimate climax of the journey begins to reveal itself. The many buildings I notice welcome me to Bergen and pass on their hopes that I enjoy my time in this marvellous city and the events it has to offer.

Information about the Journey

  • I rode on the 8:25 service from Oslo to Bergen, and the total price for a return ticket came to approximately £114.10 (about 1370 Norwegian Krone). Ticket prices can vary depending on the season and time of day. Click Here for more details.

  • You can also book a 6-bed compartment should you wish to catch up on some sleep like others in your potential 6-people party.

  • You can be assured that the whole rail route from Oslo to Bergen functions regularly and is rarely cancelled (unless of rail works or obstructions on the line).

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