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Gloucester's 'Quay' to Good Food

Who doesn’t love a good food festival? And what better way to reveal your obsession with food? Gloucester’s Free Food Festival is the perfect choice for all food-lovers in England’s South West. With over 100 food stalls located in Gloucester Quay, you will have so much choice of sauces, oils, cheeses, ciders, blondies and brownies that your brain will be thinking about food non-stop for the next week.

The beginning of the Food Festival from Gloucester Quays Mall

As you emerge from the exit of the Gloucester Quay mall, you will immediately locate the stalls of this festival, where your stroll through the Quays begins. These include stalls selling rapeseed oil and heavenly brownies for the expert chocoholic. Other stalls you will come across are stalls promoting other products with no relation to food, such as clothing and jewellery (in other words, stalls to entertain those who are not self-proclaimed as food lovers).

A seating area outside 'The Lord High Constable of England' Pub

Alcohol stalls are also popular in the Gloucester Food Festival, and as Gloucester is a city located in the South West of England, cider is predominantly included. It is a chance for you to sample the cider provided by companies that you may have never heard of before and may inspire you to become a connoisseur in cider. There are also spirit stalls where you can try a free sample of vodka, gin or whiskey; some of which will have a surprisingly fruity tone to them.

Fancy having a refreshing drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Well, you’re in luck because there is a bar area filled with food & drink stalls serving the festival goers both local and foreign delicacies, including a Greek food stall serving delicacies such as Souvlakis and a Thai Food Stall serving food such as Red/Green Thai Curry.

The bar area with the music stage

A music stage is also presented opposite the bar area, where any of the local talents can present themselves and play tunes to add to the ambiance of the festival. There will even be some of the old classics being played for those in the slightly older generation. The artists playing on this stage will depend on when you attend the Festival, for example, the artists playing at this year’s Food Festival in Gloucester include The Indigos, Sam Barnfield and Vince Unplugged.

And if this isn’t enough, you also have the opportunity to attend live demonstrations from well-known chefs from across the Country. Examples of this from this year’s festival include the MasterChef 2022 winner Eddie Scott and TV Chef Joe Hurd. They will be on hand to offer advice as they cook their dishes and provide information on their lives and career so far and their next moves going forward.

TV Chef Joe Hurd creating a Baby Octopus Ragu

All of this is just a stone’s throw away from the Gloucester Quay Shopping Mall itself, and you can visit this at any time should you wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of wandering through the Festival. Of course, items at this Festival will be slightly costlier than what they would be in a supermarket, however all products that are being sold are of a finer quality using locally sourced ingredients to bring the product together.

It is also worth mentioning that the information included in the article is correct at the time of publishing, and next year's Gloucester Food Festival may offer a different line-up of demonstrations and live music. Click Here to view an example of what the Gloucester Food Festival has to offer.

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