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How to Inadvertently Invent a New Version of Chicken Tikka Masala

Every true foodie will no doubt know that Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the most popular curries consumed by fans of Indian cuisine. It's familiar to not just Indian restaurants but also other restaurants serving a mixed range of food items, Wetherspoons being a prime example. I mention this chain of free houses because this is where I accidentally created a new version of Chicken Tikka Masala.

It began when some friends and I were having drinks at a hostel in Brighton before heading out to paint the town red. We decided our first stop would be a nearby Wetherspoons, The Post & Telegraph to be precise. After getting our IDs checked by the bouncers standing tall outside the entrance, we headed to a booth with a mostly cleared table of bottles and plates.

After having a few drinks beforehand and hearing one of my friends mention how excellent curries are, I felt the urge to order the Chicken Tikka Masala, which was still in stock. This was to be accompanied by a bottle of Aspall’s Cider, which surprisingly isn’t the drink I would end up spilling.

A short while after ordering this curry and cider, it arrived at our table, ready to be consumed. It was a delight to look at, but it couldn’t look like this forever, given I would be eating it. I began to eat this Chicken Tikka Masala, and in my intoxicated state, while trying to cut into some chicken, I knocked over a glass of Vodka Raspberry lemonade, which one of my friends was hoping to enjoy. Some of this, unfortunately, spilled onto the pilau rice, poppadoms, and garlic naan bread.

I hadn’t immediately noticed that this was the case, so after ordering my friend another glass of vodka raspberry lemonade, I continued to consume my Tikka Masala. After a few bites, I began to realise the odd flavour coming from the naan bread, rice, and poppadoms. This was when I realised that the drink I had spilled before continuing to eat had managed to spill itself on these food items.

This led me to realise that I was eating Chicken Tikka Masala with vodka-infused garlic naan bread, vodka-infused pilau rice, and vodka-infused poppadoms. In my tipsy state, I decided to continue eating this dish, given that I didn't care how different the rice, bread, and poppadoms tasted. The curry itself was safe, given that it was in a separate bowl. The vodka's flavours added to everything else seemed to work well, although I was tipsy, so anything basically goes when you are in that state.

One thing that is to be learned from this whole escapade is never to be afraid to try new things, especially when infusing spirits into your food is involved. You will also want to buy your friend a drink if you do happen to accidentally spill it, no matter how many times they tell you not to.

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