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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to The Avocado Show!

Avocados are fruits you can eat for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. This restaurant celebrates all things dedicated to this fruit, which includes the unsaturated fats you need to lower your cholesterol.

The Avocado Show is a restaurant that promises to constantly deliver sustainably sourced food, predominantly thanks to avocados! beginning its journey in 2017, the first establishment opened in Amsterdam, with a takeaway service being introduced in 2018. This was also when the restaurant became international, opening a new one in Belgium.

In March 2019, the first UK restaurant opened in Chelsea, London. Then an app was then created in May 2020, and from this period the restaurant continued to become internationally known, as it does to this day.

The Avocado Show in Mayfair, made recognisable by its pink bench

Upon visiting the Mayfair branch, which opened in October 2021, it was just like walking into a chic cafe with shrines to the avocado itself. I seated myself at a table close to the bar to check out the Avocado-related action. I then brought up their menu on my phone to order a liquid refreshment to start my avocado adventure.

I ordered a Raspberry Lemonade to begin with, and this arrived shortly after. Presented in front of me was a small glass of a red-looking liquid decorated with rosemary twigs and a raspberry, complete with a straw for ease of drinking.

The Raspberry Lemonade - £9.50

The taste of this lemonade was not too sweet and overpowering with raspberry flavouring. There was also an indication of the lemonade being made in-house, as this lemonade did not have a major fizz to it. The cloudiness of this lemonade is also easily noticeable just like the flavour of raspberry.

Turning to the starters, I decided to sample the Nacho Mountain sharer which a friend of mine noticed this item on the menu. Other starters consisted of avocado fries and an avocado garden, consisting of half of an avocado filled with houmous and served with pita sticks. The nachos soon arrive at our table, and it is clear here that two heads are better than one when it comes to tackling this Nacho Mountain.

Nacho Mountain with guacamole, salsa and sour cream - £9.50

The appearance of a mountain was observable and looked to contain all of the elements as stated on the menu. An explosion of flavours was discovered once these elements were consumed, mainly thanks to the salsa, guacamole and melted cheese. Although the nachos tasted very similar to what you would find in a Dorito packet, they filled a gap and prepared me for my main course.

I was inspired to order the Bun Burger after watching this dish being served at an adjacent table. I also decided to order an Avi Bellini to accompany my main course. After the arrival of this cocktail, appearing as a thick green liquid, I tasted it to test the strength of the avocado in this signature cocktail. Lo and behold, there was quite a strong avocado taste, however a light fizz in this Bellini made the experience more pleasurable.

The Avo Bellini - £11.50

My Burger Bun main course then arrived, and presentation-wise it looked very simple yet elegant, with a burst of red and green colours coming from the accompanying nachos on the side of the burger.

The Avocado Bun Burger - £16.50

Instead of proper bread buns, two halves of an avocado surround the burger, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and relish. The top avocado half was coated in multi-coloured sesame seeds This is all stabilised by two sticks inserted through this creation. As this was a task to use my hands to eat, I resorted to using cutlery in order to access my way through this burger.

The components of the burger were detectable as I consumed this creation, and the nachos that came on the side of the burger were very similar to the Nacho sharer in terms of taste, aroma and appearance. The texture of the burger itself once consumed was made much smoother thanks to the avocado buns. It definitely was an unusual burger experience; however, it definitely suits those who are getting into consuming avocados on a regular basis.

To sum up my experience, I certainly felt like I was tucking into a heart-healthy lunch. Sustainability and delicious food are two of the top things that a restaurant should observe, and The Avocado Show does this to a high degree.

Click Here to visit The Avocado Show's website, browse their menu and read more about their story and where they aim to head next.

That's all from The Avocado Show... See you next time!

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