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Megabus - Mega-Low Fares for a Mega-Fun Journey

Travelling to places via coach is becoming increasingly popular, due to the lower fares than what you would usually find for a typical train journey. Don't believe me? Then go check out Megabus for some hardcore evidence of fares that are cheaper than a train ticket.

Megabus is the market-leading value coach operator which has a good reputation for low fares and convenient coach routes. These routes, albeit longer than an average train journey, provide a relaxing experience where you can unwind and cruise along the route you are taking. This is the philosophy Megabus has been following and will continue to follow and cherish.

Upon typing a search for your desired route, such as Manchester to London, an array of cheap fares will be displayed in front of your eyes. Departure and arrival times are displayed on the results page of your journey search. You will also find the exact locations where these coaches depart from and arrive, so you will know where to go to catch your Megabus.

Megabus provides a list of all the bus stops that are used by this company, locatable across the UK (excluding Ireland and Northern Ireland). Many locations have more than one stop that Megabus services will terminate at, and you can specify your search via city and stop name. As well as this, a Fare Finder is also available to use, meaning you can look discover the cheapest fares on certain routes.

Other useful amenities on Megabus include a Coach Finder, Guides to Tourist Attractions, a page dedicated to Changing your Ticket and Service Updates (handy for those who travel via Megabus a lot). You can also access the Help Page should you wish to have any questions answered about your ticket, your route, etc.

And it's not just coach fares that you can book via Megabus... As you can also book train tickets for a low fare via Megatrain, which is operated predominantly by East Midlands Railway. You can visit their website for further details on the train fares on offer.

Megabus as a company offers a 10% Student discount on tickets to those with valid TOTEM cards. It is simply a case of typing in your TOTEM Card number into the correct box and earning your 10% discount.

Click Here to visit Megabus and book your cheap fare today!

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