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Strudel and Sachertorte: My Sweet Surrender to Vienna

On my last day touring Vienna, and my mind is set on indulging in the finest pastry and patisserie products it has to offer. As I wake from a night of consuming a three-course meal with an intense apple schnapps, I decide to switch on my sweet tooth to sample a delicious Sachertorte at the ever delightful ‘Café Sacher Wien’. I depart from my humble hotel to visit this elegant café, where my morning’s adventure begins. I catch the U3 metro train to Karlsplatz, and as we enter the café, its warmth embraces me with open arms.

A waiter greets me and soon afterward, I am invited to walk upstairs to the Café Sacher Restaurant. My sweet tooth is engaged in a hyperactive mood as I lay my eyes on the wide range of pretty patisserie on display. My attention is diverted from this display to the waiter, showing me to a table next to the window.

I sit down and observe the menu that is laid out in front of me. Among the food items on sale include coffee specialties, sweet delicacies and a ‘Sacher Sweet Treat’. As I am a lover of sweet treats, I choose the ‘Sacher Sweet Treat’ option, which consists of a slice of the traditional delicacy, the Sachertorte, a non-alcoholic hot beverage and a glass of mineral water.

Ten minutes pass, and my waiter returns with the orders which I so desire to sample. My Sachertorte is presented on a beautiful plate, a moist chocolate sponge with a smooth chocolate filling and solid chocolate topping. On my right is a tall gleaming glass filled with a latte warm enough to keep out the shivering coldness of the Viennese morning. A refreshing glass of fresh water is also placed on the table on my left.

The first spoonful of the Sachertorte provides the pleasurable taste of a chocolate-consisted heaven. The warmth from my latte delightfully compliments this, and the freshness of the water re-hydrates me long enough to continue my morning’s adventure.

After sampling this delicious delicacy of Vienna, I journey on over to Schonbrunn Palace, with the assistance of the U4 Metro. This is the venue of the Strudel Show, which I have a strong desire to attend. Schonbrunn Palace boldly stands out to all tourists as they enter the pearly gates.

A winter wonderland surrounds the Palace, complete with Christmas markets and a massive picture frame for photo opportunities. I draw my attention to an antiqued building, where the Strudel Show is to commence. I offer my ticket to a ticket holder, and I am guided down a set of stairs to an underground bunker of strudel delight.

The bunker consists of six tables spread out across one half of the room, and the other half a kitchen for strudel making. On each table, three helpings of strudel are present on three rounded plates. This is my haven for the next hour, as my mouth, and the other strudel-lovers’ mouths, drool over the taste of the sample strudel, and our eyes stare in interest and amazement at the folding and rolling out of the puff pastry.

The instructor explains her actions in both German and English as she works her magic on creating the perfect apple strudel. A volunteer is also called up to assist the instructor with creating a strudel success. After the strudel is made and the demonstration is finished, the instructor thanks all satisfied strudel tasters for attending.

I leave the show with a warm smile on my face, but also with a leaflet containing a strudel recipe, which I hold dearly should I need to impress others who dream to try my attempt on an apple strudel.

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