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The Belfry - Warwickshire's Award-Winning Accommodation

The Belfry Hotel and Resort is the place to be if you are in the heart of North Warwickshire and are desperate for luxury treatment. As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted graciously by the front desk as you check-in, and once this process is complete, you can explore the hotel at your own leisure and its convenient amenities. Here's what is on offer for you at The Belfry Hotel:

Rooms and Suites

You can expect an extensive range of rooms and suites at The Belfry Hotel, ranging from their standard double bedrooms to the presidential suite, which is ideal if you fancy splashing some cash on this suite.

All accommodation options in this hotel contain modern amenities that will keep you stocked up for your stay. A wide range of packages and offers are also available on the website, such as the Sleep, Wine and Dine package, which is available for £279 per room.

Click Here for more details on the room options at The Belfry Hotel & Resort.

An example of the many suites at The Belfry

Relaxing Sessions in the Spa

This Hotel & Resort's spa will undoubtedly be the number one place to go, especially if you have been travelling far to get there. It is the perfect opportunity to give yourself some 'You' time as you indulge in the many treatments, such as an Espa Body Wash and Eyebrow Tint.

Thanks to the whirlpool, you can also get your length in using the swimming pool, shut your eyes, and travel deep into your thoughts. Don't forget to break that sweat in the sauna while you're there, and then make the most of The Belfry's Relaxation Lounge.

Click Here to read more about the treatments on offer.

Two of the whirlpools at The Belfry's spa area

World Class Golf Courses

This hotel is no stranger to the golfing world, especially when it possesses three internationally recognised golf courses hosting the Ryder Cup. As it stands, that's more times than any other golfing venue in the world.

When you book your stay with the Belfry, you also have the option to book a golf package which you can use to relive the moments played out by the OGs of golfing. The three golf courses at this resort (The Brabazon, PGA National, and The Derby) will surely assist you with this.

Golfing lessons are provided at this resort should you need to perfect your teeing off, as well as a mini golf course for friends leagues to participate and compete against each other for fun. At the end of your Belfry golfing adventure, you can pop along to the golfing shop and purchase some merchandise and golf clubs when you return for more golf.

Click Here for more information on The Belfry's golf courses.

The PGA National Golf Course at The Belfry

A Banquet at the Belfry

You will undoubtedly fancy something divulging to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Well, you're in luck, as your appetite has the following restaurant/bar choices to choose from:

  • The Ryder Grill - This is the restaurant to visit if you fancy dining at this resort in style. It boasts a seasonal menu filled with dishes to satisfy the pallet, which can either be served la carte or self-service. Menus for kids and a private dining option for that intimate touch are also available.

  • Sam's Club House - Fancy watching some sports and tucking into a pint and a famous double-stacked burger? Then this bar at the Belfry is the best place to be. No reservations are required; turn up, order the food & drink of your choosing, and watch the sporting action unfold on the big screen.

  • Brabazon Bar - Located at the very heart of The Belfry, this bar was awarded hotel bar of the year courtesy of the Midlands Food, Drink & Hospitality Awards 2022. It is easy to see why, given the afternoon teas you can indulge in by day and the live music you can listen to while sampling a delicious cocktail by night.

  • Rocca's Pizza Pasta - Why not transport yourself to The Belfry's version of Italy as you visit this Italian eatery? This restaurant caters to diners of all ages and offers a casual environment where you can eat. This is undoubtedly The Belfry's La Dolce Vita.

An example of the dishes served at The Belfry's Ryder Grill.

Additional amenities at The Belfry

  • Weddings - Getting married at The Belfry will be something the happy couple will remember for life. A wide range of packages is available here, and you can even host your hen night/stag do here.

  • Fitness - The Belfry is complete with its gym and fitness classes should you exercise briefly. Memberships are also available if you fancy visiting The Belfry's gym regularly.

  • Meetings & Events - Business events at The Belfry can be held regularly. It caters to all types of business events, and 24-hour business packages are available for those who wish to stay overnight. You can even book a corporate golf day if you fancy a flutter after a long meeting.

The wedding setting at The Belfry

Everything covered here is what you can expect to find at The Belfry Hotel & Resort. No matter the time of year you book your stay, there is no doubt that this Warwickshire gem will have something for you and your friends & family to enjoy.

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