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The Top 10 Tremendous Towns and Villages of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a Greek island that is the largest of all Ionian Islands. In 1953, it was struck by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, which decimated almost everything in its path. Today, the island stands humble and proud of how far it has come in terms of the amount of flocking tourists that visit the island.

It shows that not even an earthquake can stop it from being worldly recognized for its pristine beaches, landscapes fit for a painting, and irresistible food items. The ten towns and villages written below especially stand out because they have a better ability to bewitch and attract tourists.

They provide the finest Kefalonian days out you can experience while visiting, and the memories of your visit to these towns and villages last a lifetime. It is a guarantee that seeing these places in real life is far better than just seeing them on a traditional postcard.

1. Argostoli – There is enough hustle and bustle to make this town come to life. In the daytime, you can walk down by the harbour, where you will discover many minuscule shops of all sectors. The Lithostroto, Argostoli’s main pedestrianized street, consists of two long rows of shops and eateries on both sides of you. The main town square, the Platia Valianou, is indefinitely Argostoli’s best feature. Local musicians can be observed playing their enchanting pieces as you relax in an outside bar area.

2. Lixouri – This is a town that boasts the best views of Argostoli from 20 minutes away right across the river. The town square, Plateia Petritsi, is where there are plenty of traditional shops and eateries for all tourists to discover. For a peaceful day on a beachfront, you can drive towards Lixouri’s south end to Paralia Lepeda beach. The Ouzeri Coffee Shop is located right on the doorstep of this concealed gem, where a wide selection of light lunches and evening dinners are available.

3. Lassi – Lassi is a town where you can get the best out of a Greek-themed shopping spree. The main Drómos (the Greek word for road/street) of Lassi presents its vast range of shops for you to enjoy a day’s worth of shopping there. You can also take part in a luncheon at one of the restaurants which serve the finest Greek cuisine (e.g. Phaedra). There are also many bars and cafes to satisfy your thirst for whatever you desire (e.g. Logos Bar).

4. Sami – Sami is the ideal destination if you are after a noiseless fishing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Many traditional Greek restaurants here can sell you the finest Greek cuisine. Daily boat trips are available for when you fancy a cruise across the ocean to Ithaca or the city of Patra. You can also indulge in Sami’s history by visiting the remains of the Ancient Acropolis, which is located just northeast of the village or visit the Melissani Caves.

5. Fiskardo – This village lies up on the northeast side of the centre of the island and is well known for its amazing waterfront which is filled with any type of yacht imaginable. It is a traditional fishing village, where fleets are always hard at work catching the best quality of each species of fish. You cannot be disappointed by the minuscule shops, cafes, and restaurants that lie down by the oceanic-blue waterfront. This includes “Theodora’s Café”, where the cocktails are distinctly sublime.

6. Myrtos – This is a part of Kefalonia where the beach is the area’s main attraction. The blue waters are enough to welcome everyone to soak it in. The nearby village is commendable for how peaceful it is, both day and night. There is a substantial amount of restaurant, shopping, and accommodation options available (these are mostly villa rentals, such as “Villa Myrtos”). Two viewpoints overlooking Myrtos Beach are accessible on either side of the beach, both of which fail to disappoint.

7. Assos – This is debatably the most charming village you can visit in Kefalonia. Among its rusticity, one hundred locals who reside in the village are discoverable, each of whom has an amiable abode that overlooks Assos Beach. Its historic castle is a twenty-minute walk away from the village centre. You can also visit one of the cafes and restaurants which are very close to the waterfront. A good example is the “Platanos Traditional Restaurant”, where they make some exquisite stuffed peppers by all accounts.

8. Agia Effimia – This coastal village is home to a marvelous port just like Fiskardo. Around the village, you can find the cosiest of taverns serving the finest local beers and ales. The waterfront offers boat and yacht day trips to sail the elegant coastline and beyond. A kilometre walk towards the northeast will help you uncover two hidden beaches which will provide a relaxing paradise. A lovely evening meal can be sampled at one of the restaurants overlooking the bay, such as the “Paradise Beach Restaurant”.

9. Skala – This is debatably home to the largest resort on the southern part of the island. The bold greenery of the landscape surrounds this village and its peaceful serenity. Inside this landscape, the cosy restaurants line the streets of this traditional village, such as a bountiful burger bar (“Burgerata”). The Skala Paralia is the perfect location for partaking in water sports and even fishing. Bars such as “Milos Beach bar” and “Mexata Bar” line the Skala waterfront, which also overlooks the gorgeous beach.

10. Poros – The coastal settlement of Poros lies 40Km southeast of Argostoli and consists of an excellent range of restaurants and traditional taverns. “Agios Sotiros” is a local community church that is a great example of one of Poros’s historic hotspots to discover. The nearby “Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos of Atros” is also located nearby, on a scenic hilltop overlooking the village. Poros Port is on hand to provide you with an unforgettable experience sailing to places such as Killini or Zakynthos.

Staying in Kefalonia

  • Kefalonia has plenty of accommodation options available in all areas of the island. I recommend the "White Rocks Hotel", which is a 4* hotel based right next to Lassi and lies right next to White Rocks Beach. A standard double room at this hotel offers rates starting from £121 per night on a prepaid rate.

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